Chamise Thompson is a senior at Roosevelt High School 

By Chamise Thompson

The Greene Team


If you’re in a situation that call for serious intentions—maybe you want to debate censorship—Tyler Bittner can supply that seriousness. But he’s never dull company. He also appreciates humor.

He likes the TV comedy “30 Rock” as much as he likes “Requiem for a Dream,” a serious, heavy movie. And the 17-year-old Rocky Point High School senior likes the work of satirist Mark Twain as well as the dispatches of Anderson Cooper, one of America’s most respected journalists.

Tyler’s tastes show that he can be both serious and comedic. As a member of his school’s thespian society, he has appeared in four plays and three musicals, and as a  reporter on the school newspaper, he strives to be a “damn good” journalist. Along with these extracurricular activities, Tyler is an ace in the classroom. He has outstanding intelligence, especially in history, his favorite subject.

Acting and playing  drums show that Tyler can be creative without neglecting the classroom duties that have made him as knowledgeable as he is. 

His history studies led him to write an essay on freedom of the press. It is important that the press stay free from censorship, he said, because free speech and a free press are synonymous with democracy.

“You really need a press, and journalism has the responsibility to report the truth,” Tyler said. He sent his essay defending freedom of the press to Stony Brook when he applied for a spot on the Greene Team. 

 Tyler’s words express his beliefs in freedom of speech, and that’s why he enjoys watching Anderson Cooper, the CNN news-show host, express his beliefs. Cooper’s persistence is a quality that Tyler seeks for himself. Tyler said he found Cooper’s memoir, “Dispatches from the Edge,” which describes Cooper’s career and how he became an anchor for CNN, inspirational.

Asked whom he’d most like to be stuck with in a foxhole, Tyler said he would choose Cooper and would question the anchor about his job. And Tyler has done considerable reporting himself. He has covered a press conference, written editorials and reported investigative pieces. This year, Tyler will be the editor-in-chief of The Eagle’s Eye, his school newspaper. He also contributes to “The Onion,” a newspaper that combines news and satire. One of Tyler’s favorite articles that he wrote is called “Sky Cam.” Describe or quote from it?
When? He has won an award from Newsday for an investigative report on what?.

Many people have special quotes that reveal their personalities and beliefs, but when asked what quote guides him, Tyler answered, “I do not have one I live my life by.” So he isn’t the type to look to quotes for advice. He is more the type to create quotes other people can look up to. 


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