By Jeffrey Stern is a senior at Ward Melville High School.

Magazines, Movies and Mom Key in Future Journalist’s Life

By Jeff Stern
Greene Team Correspondent


Shirley Christina Capron, 17, of Roosevelt, Long Island, has always had a passion for writing. Capron is one of 18 Long Island high school students inducted into the inaugural year of the Robert W. Greene High School Journalism Institute at Stony Brook University.

“I’m very excited,” said Shirley of the program, “I’ve wanted to be a journalist for a while.”

Shirley said her interest in journalism could be attributed to her lifelong passion for reading and information. Whether it’s the online edition of Newsday or the latest issue of Seventeen, words captivate Shirley. “My favorite class in high school has always been English but I’ve never had any journalistic experience,” said Shirley, “I’m interested in learning how to write as a journalist.”

Along with fellow inductee Chamise Thompson, Shirley represents Roosevelt High School. She is an active member of the student body and also participates in some of the extra curricular activities.

One of her clubs is Students Against Destructive Decisions. Shirley plays an active role in raising awareness about drunk driving, collecting pledges, and holding blood drives.

“I like the people that participate in the program and the activities we put on,” said Shirley.

 “I have very few friends in school,” she said. “But the friends that I do have are amazing and I am so close to them.”
Shirley said her cousin, Clarissa Moses, is one of her closest friends.  Her cousin agrees that they get along well. “We can talk about almost anything,” said Moses. “We get along so well.”

When Shirley goes out with her friends, she often spends time at Jones Beach or takes the train into Manhattan “I like the diversity, the big buildings, and the noise of the city,” said Shirley, “I one day hope to go to college there.”

Shirley also enjoys just staying at home playing with L.J., her three-year old Yorkshire terrier. When Shirley has time to herself, she can often be found listening to music or watching television. “I like the real life feel of Degrassi and the edginess of the vampire show True Blood,” said Capron of her favorite TV shows.

 “It’s very important to me that I make the best out of life,” she said. Family is also an integral part of Shirley’s life. On a recent trip to Virginia she met many distant family members for the very first time. “I got to see my family members again and met new family members,” she said, adding, “I learned so much about my family history.”

Throughout elementary school, Shirley’s uncle, James, would come to her house to help out with her grandmother who lived with them.

“He used to cook for all of us and take me to the park,” she said. “He now lives in Virginia so it was great to see him again at the reunion.”

Quality time with family is clearly important to Shirley.

 “I also like spending time with my mom on the mornings,” Shirley said, “we run errands together and it’s great to bond with her.”

 After graduating from Roosevelt High School, she is unsure as of now if she wants to pursue a future in journalism. She does know that she wants to attend college in the city.

“My dream school is NYU,” said Shirley, “Manhattan really is one of my favorite places to be.”

 “I’m really excited to be educated about journalism,” she said. “The program at Stony Brook will hopefully let me know if this is what I want to pursue in the future. It will be the opportunity of a lifetime.”




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