Lauren Staudt is a senior at Bellport High School 

By Lauren Staudt
The Greene Team

Playing Frisbee, selling water bottles at school football games, working at the local library, following random cars across miles of Long Island. An odd combination, but a typical afternoon for 17-year-old Billy McCabe. While the average teenage boy is concerned with girls, friends and his future, Billy is just trying to avoid getting arrested for stalking people.

William “Billy” McCabe was born on Sept. 3, 1991. He’s spent his entire life in the “really, really boring” town of Oakdale. Now starting his senior year at Sayville High School, Billy is ready to get out of his hometown and start the journey towards achieving his journalism dreams.

This will be the third year that he’s been a part of the journalism club at his school, which is where he discovered his talent for writing. While he has written about x, y znd z, Billy prefers to inform the masses by writing commentary on world news and politics. And though he claims that the only subject he does not like to write about is sports, he spends a big chunk of his time at Sayville High’s football games selling water bottles for the Key Club. Does this sentence work? There’s no contradiction, though one is implied. What does it mean to be the crowd’s water boy, anyway.

“My town is so boring,” Billy said. “There’s never anything going on, so I’ve gotta make do with what I’ve got.”

According to Billy, the only thing to do on a Saturday night is to find innocent, unsuspecting people and follow them around for as long as it remains interesting. This, incidentally, can be for hours.

“One time, we followed a car all the way from Oakdale to East Hampton,” Billy recalled. More description of this ?Show us what makes this interesting to him.

While this might sound bizarre, it’s nights like these that keep Billy going.

If you were desperately trying to find Billy McCabe, and he was nowhere to be seen at his high school or anywhere down at the Fifth Precinct, it’s starting to sound like you’re not kidding about the stalking. then you could probably count on finding him anywhere that there’s a big open space. Because after writing, Billy’s second love is Frisbee.

“I would like to see a great sport like Frisbee get the appreciation it deserves,” he said. Along with being an avid writer for his journalism club, he’s also a regular at Sayville High’s Frisbee Club. And the Key Club, and the History Club. But seeing as he spends probably 90 percent of his time playing with a dog toy, werephrase w/o first person can probably guess which club he’s most devoted to.

The Frisbee games can get pretty intense. Once, … “Things definitely get ugly,” he said.

Though Billy enjoys filling his free time with random rides and dog-toy games, his main goal right now is getting into University at Albany where he hopes to pursue journalism.

“I’m not sure exactly where I want to end up yet,” Billy said, “but University at Albany is definitely what I’m aiming for.”

And luckily enough for him, Albany is reputed to have a fantastic Frisbee club, so it’s clear he’ll be happy with at least one aspect of the school. But whether it’s in a newspaper or on the FBI’s most-wanted list, Long Island probably hasn’t heard the last of Billy McCabe.

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