Shaniese Alston is a senior at Freeport High School

Tear Down the Wall

By Shaniese Alston
The Greene Team

Gunshots strike three people as they fall helplessly to the ground in war-stricken Israel. In the beginning scene of “Adam’s Wall,” three victims, Adam’s family, are killed as they attempted to drive through religious borders in Israel. The introductory scene sets up the intriguing romance between two polar opposites whose religious backgrounds come between their undeniable love for each other.

“Adam’s Wall,” directed by Michael Mackenzie, takes place in the frosty modern-day Montreal, Canada where Adam Levy (Jesse Aaron Dwyre), a Jewish teen, is on his way to a clarinet audition for school where he meets Yasmine Gibran (Flavia Bechara), a Lebanese girl, who is participating in a silent school protest. When security breaks up the demonstration, Adam misses his audition but meets his love at first site.

The next day on their way to school, Yasmine and Adam begin to discover each other’s personal tragedies. Afterword, the local Jews headed by Adam’s orthodox Rabbi grandfather (Gabriel Gascon) confronts Yasmine’s father (Paul Ahmarani), an art gallery owner, about the nude bronze statues in the display windows of his gallery. Yasmine’s father refuses to remove them, causing Adam’s grandfather to toss one of the bronze statues to the floor.

In the climax of the film, Yasmine’s mother, a journalist, is missing in war-torn Lebanon. An altercation ensues between Yasmine and Adam’s rabbi grandfather in which strong words like “Nazi” and “terrorists” are exchanged. Adam’s grandfather forbids Adam to see Yasmine while Yasmine refuses to associate with Adam’s orthodox Jewish community. As they part ways, Yasmine and her father desperately try to relocate her mother, whom they eventually find. Adam and Yasmine reconnect and spend the night on the rooftop of a bookstore owned by a mentor of Adam’s named Mostafa (Tyrone Benskin). This compelling scene explains the roots of Adam’s character and past. The concept of Adam’s wall is clarified as a symbol of Adam’s reluctance to accept the passing of his parent’s death.

Bechara and Dwyre exhibited a believable connection with each other. Independently, Bechara demonstrated the sassiness of her role while Dwyre showed the depths of his reserved and poignant character. The rooftop scene where Adam recollects images of his parents’ deaths and Yasmine’s empathy exemplifies the profundity of their relationship.

Overall, Adam’s Wall is a gripping need-to-see film about two religions fighting a current war. The film offers the message of peace and the message that despite minor differences we share more similarities than anything. This fascinating tale presents a mesmerizing love story with talented, riveting actors who express the need for diversity and acceptance.


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