Shirley Capron is a senior at Roosevelt High School

Dean touts Touro's public advocacy

By Shirley Capron

The Greene Team

Growing up as the son of a Holocaust survivor, Lawrence Raful developed a lifelong interest in legal ethics. Now, as dean and professor of law at the Touro College Fuchsberg Law Center in Central Islip, Raful is training a new generation of lawyers to the highest standards of the legal profession.

Before he came to Touro 16 years ago, Raful was the dean at Creighton University’s law school from 1988 to 1999. He is the fourth dean that Touro has had. Two years ago, the Touro law center was rebuilt.

One of his accomplishments as dean that he seems most proud of is Touro’s public advocacy center. The center has advocacy groups for social justice and civil rights, support for women and children in domestic violence, and training for students in health and environmental justice. No other law school has a center like Touro’s, Raful said, and the center attracts many students.

The Touro law school also appeals to many people because it’s the newest law school in New York, Raful said.

Touro law school requires applicants to have already worked in the public interest. As part of their training, Touro students work at the school’s law clinic. The clinical legal education involves the students who are starting in their third year at Touro. They work in mental health, family law and elder law. They work with actual clients, with real cases, one on one. They must know how to be prepared with information and documents when going before a judge.


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