William McCabe is a senior at Sayville High School. 

By William McCabe

The Greene Team


Arriving at Stony Brook, Lauren Staudt realizes that her roommate has not started a conversation within the first 45 seconds of arrival. “There is going to be a huge problem if the person I room with doesn’t talk,” Lauren once said. Longing for conversation, Lauren will not sit back and wait for the other person to speak. She will immediately immerse herself in conversation because she can. “I just don’t get people who are shy.”

That is the force that Lauren Staudt conveys to those people around her. Not afraid to be bold, she will say anything she deems fit to make conversation more interesting. “I feel that people need to laugh when they’re bored,” she said, describing her attitude when she is sitting around.

This is the type of attitude that she exudes. “I don’t why [people] would be shy,” she said, adding, “All you need to do is talk.” She constantly brings up subject upon subject, letting those around her listen. “I’m sorry if I’m speaking over you,” she said in recognizing her long spiels.  

Attending Bellport High School, Lauren has many friends with which she can pal around. “There is not much to do, but at least we aren’t sitting around by ourselves,” Lauren said, once again showing that she likes to be around those she is comfortable to talk to. “We have fun.”

Sitting in the restaurant, talking, she was approached by her coworkers, who Lauren excitedly talked to. “We have a good time together,” she said, yet again highlighting her relationship with her friends. 

While she also likes to be surrounded by friends, she also has no problem being alone. A self-described “nerd,” Lauren is just as comfortable surrounded by books. “I think I read a little too much,” Lauren said, laughing, as she added, “I have whole passages memorized because I read them too much.” She says that her room is filled with books. “Every crevice contains a book that I have read. But I don’t’ want to get rid of any of them.” She says it would be blasphemous to rid her room of her books. “What if I want to read them again?”

When approaching her schoolwork, Lauren finds that writing is where she succeeds the most. “I find that numbers just stink,” she said, in relation to he fact that math is not something she finds interesting. “I just like to write without the stupid formulas.”

Others see Lauren in many different lights. “She is one of a kind,” said Kathleen DiMartino, adding, “She is loud, outgoing, energetic, and fun to be around.” Jeffery Stern, on the other hand, said that “She is a very different type of person,” laughing as he realized the many funny experiences that he had. But through all of that, she is seen as the type of person that pthers want to be around. “Lauren is a genuine friend,” Jocelyn Snyder said, commenting on the friendship that has developed between the two.  

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