Yanique Richards is a senior at Baldwin High School. 

By Yanique Richards

The Greene Team

Glued to a complementary plastic seat cushion, face sticky with raspberry cotton candy, seven-year-old Tyler hungrily awaited his first baseball game. “I’m looking forward o the ducks winning.”

Three Court House Dr. in Central Islip, New York, is Citibank Park – the home of the Long Island Ducks. The park also serves as home for the 6,000-plus fans that come to support local baseball talent.

Seats were jam-packed and aisles were crammed as the Ducks welcomed 6,362 guests on July 30.

For every adult there were about two or three children tagging along. Kids are a huge aspect of the game. In fact many of the events are set up with kids in mind.

Children opened the game with The Star-Spangled Banner, entered the famous Ducks pie-eating contest, got a chance to play catch with a Ducks player and stood in baseball uniforms with players.

With sticky hands and shy faces, most children were just happy to attend their first game. Others anticipated the win for the Ducks and the rest were just begging their parents to purchase a favorite baseball food.

When fans enter the stadium, they are immediately greeted with “welcome would you like a lollypop,” and complimentary seat cushions.

Although the stadium is relatively small, the dimensions of the field allow people to enjoy a baseball game in a smaller venue, meaning “there are no bad seats”. Unlike other stadiums like Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium, Citibank Park charges a relatively low price.

The highest price a fan would pay for a seat at Citibank Park is $11. The bigger stadiums charge anywhere from $14 to $375.

And at a bigger stadium, it would be more difficult for a family to get a great view of the game without spending a lot of money.

Standing about four feet tall, faced flushed and hanging onto his mother’s t-shirt, a young attendee begged for food while his mother was watching the game. It was evident why he was there.


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